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elsbernd: present. supervisor mar: present. supervisor maxwell: present. president chiu: can we have a motion to excuse m toirkar -- supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor dufty has just joined us. please join in the pledge of allegiance. are there any communications? >> we have received a letter communicating the mere's vet -- mayor's veto on an alcohol mitigation fee. president chiu: can you call the consent agenda? >> these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. the matter shall be removed and considered separate if requested. president chiu: roll-call vote on the consent agenda? supervisor chu: aye. supervisor daly: aye. supervisor dufty: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. supervisor mar: aye. supervisor maxwell: aye. supervisor alioto-pier: aye. supervisor avalos: aye. supervisor campos: aye. president chiu: aye. >> there are 10 ayes. president chiu: the resolution is adopted. can we call item 33 and item five together? >> directing the clerk of the board to agenda is consideration to overwrite alcohol cost recovery fee? president chiu: supervisor alioto-pier has been excus
participants. supervisor mirkarimi: supervisor avalos: thank you supervisor elsbernd: -- supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. supervisor avalos: supervisor elsbernd. supervisor elsbernd: following up on the economic impact on jobs and the public sector job growth, i almost wonder if your section of the comptroller's office and the other section of the comptroller's office might want to communicate a little bit in that respectively over the next few years it would be a mistake to say that the budget will grow. looking ahead we know that we have a budget deficit. to say that new jobs will be created, would not be more accurate to say that we will retain jobs? instead of getting new jobs? >> you are absolutely right on that point. i do not want to give representation that this represents a gross of the public sector. these are jobs that will not be lost just because the city revenue is growing by $15 million in the context of the revenue loss experience. supervisor elsbernd: potentially there is retention of public- sector jobs but a net loss of private sector jobs. >> yes. supervisor elsbernd: what
. supervisor chu? >> supervisor daly. defense dufty. supervisor elsbernd. >> supervisor mirkarimi. mr. president all members are president. supervisor chiu: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, could you please join me in the pledge of allegiance? >> i pledge allegiance to the united states of america, to the republic for which is stands, one nation under god for liberty and justice for all. supervisor chiu: colleagues, we have a lot of meeting minutes to approve from july 13th, 20th, 27th, august 3rd and the 10th and then from the special meetings of the budget and finance committee of july 1 and july 9. can i have a motion to approve? >> motion by supervisor maxwell, seconded by supervisor mirkarimi. minutes are approved. >> i have no communications, mr. president. supervisor chiu: call consent agenda, items one through 12. >> these items require a single role call vote >> colleagues, would anyone like to receiver any items from the consent agenda? supervisor mar? supervisor mar: item number three. supervisor chiu: any other items? if we could take a role call vote on items 1 had-throug
with supervisor chu's recommendation. supervisor elsbernd: i will make airports when it comes before the board. supervisor chu: b3 is about the number of retirees receiving pensions. i would agree with that finding. -- that finding. finding c1 about proposition h, i agree with the department's response about incorporating that in our findings. and then c2, i agree with the funding. supervisor elsbernd: which department specifically were you agreeing with? supervisor chu: for b3, i think all folks are in agreement with that one. c1, we can incorporate the mayor's office response as well as the department of human resources response. supervisor elsbernd: thank you. supervisor chu: c2, the liability it was approximately $2.76 million. d1 -- they have been able to inflate retirement benefits. i would recommend that we agree with the mayor's office response in addition to incorporating the department of human resources response. chairperson mar: is there any objection to that? seeing none. supervisor chu: for e1, i agree with the mayor's office response as well as dhr's added comments. supervisor c
for june 8. sitting to my right is commissioner daly and commissioner elsbernd. are there any announcements? >> no. commissioner mar:i will move to. this is an action item. commissioner mar: the movement is seconded. public, is closed. without objection, the minutes are approved. item three. >>recommend adoption of the proposed fiscal year 2010-2011 annual budget and work program. this is an action item. commissioner mar: thank you. >> i am deputy director for finance administration. this item starts on page 11 of your package. we will have a short power point presentation, and then i will turn it over to our executive director. this is your second look at the fiscal year 2010-2011 budget. we've had one change in estimates. we have worked with the comptroller's office and took a look at the state board of equalization revenue information and have decreased sales tax revenues by $2.3 million. we are anticipating total revenues for fiscal year 2010- 2011 to be $129.2 million. let me take you through the presentation. as you are well aware, we are required by the puc code to adopt the budget b
incorporating that in our findings. and then c2, i agree with the funding. supervisor elsbernd: which department specifically were you agreeing with? supervisor chu: for b3, i think all folks are in agreement with that one. c1, we can incorporate the mayor's office response as well as the department of human resources response. supervisor elsbernd: thank you. supervisor chu: c2, the liability it was approximately $2.76 million. d1 -- they have been able to inflate retirement benefits. i would recommend that we agree with the mayor's office response in addition to incorporating the department of human resources response. chairperson mar: is there any objection to that? seeing none. supervisor chu: for e1, i agree with the mayor's office response as well as dhr's added comments. supervisor chu: -- chairperson mar: any objection? supervisor chu: f1, i think most people are in agreement with that. f2 is not something i would respond to. recommendation 1 -- supervisor elsbernd: finding f2 is something the civil grand jury has requested the board respond to. chairperson mar: 2 recommendation -- to rec
you. supervisor elsbernd. commissioner elsbernd not so much a question as it is a complement. if you read or anybody read the articles from the "l.a. times" over the weekend about all the horrendous bidding process that is happening down in l.a.x. for the concessions down there and how it goes on and on and on and on, i just say to any airline watching, anybody considering do we want s.f.o. or l.a.x., watch the process here, see how it works and your answer will come to you quite quickly. >> thank you, supervisor. commissioner avalos: supervisor mirkarimi. commissioner mirkarimi: thank you. earlier this year we had a conversation with director martin and the question came up and wasn't answered at the time and said he would get back to us is this is considered san francisco property, correct? so that when businesses are contracting with the city, the question was is, what level of compliance was there our work force for source agreements for these contracts extended on airport property? so in this particular case, how would that play itself out in terms of their requirements and comp
john avalos, the chair of the committee. i am joined by supervisor mirkarimi and supervisor elsbernd. madam clerk, can you share any announcements? >> all persons attending this meeting are asked to turn off all cell phones or pages. if you wish to submit speaker cards, please turn them in at the real to your left. if you submit any documents to the committee, please submit an extra copy to the file. nebraska items recommended out of committee will be discussed at the board of supervisors meeting later this week unless another date is indicated. chairperson avalos: before we start, i would like to say happy birthday to supervisor ross mirkarimi. [laughter] call item one, please. >> resolution approving the issuance of tax-exempt revenue obligations by the california enterprise development authority in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $11.50 million among other things to refinance various capital facilities owned by brandeis hillel day school and other matters related thei reto. >> good morning. i am with the controller's office. the item is an approval to issue $11.50 mill
. supervisor avalos: supervisor elsbernd? actually, did you have anything you wanted to discuss, mr. rose? however, whenever your pleasure is. supervisor avalos: i think we will just go on to public comment. the intent is to table the contract. i have a card representing peter fortune? >> i just want to remind you that it is in the resolution itself. three times your constituents have voted. there was no new general advertising sign. they did it again in 2007 and 2009, flying in the face of your constituents in voters every time. it's crazy to see if you can get around what your constituents because every time we have asked to vote on it, we say no new general advertisers. just stop. supervisor avalos: public comments? seeing no one come forward, public comment is close. captioned by the national captioning institute supervisor elsbernd: as is the case when these come before the voters, there's no documentation to give the voters the true facts. voting one way will lose billions of dollars, just generally. frankly, when these numbers go before the ballot, they're done i
- pier. supervisor elsbernd. supervisor elsbernd: thank you. i will submit my items, but, supervisor campos, i do not think i need to turn around to know that your friends from access of labor -- supervisor mar, some of the secondhand smoke legislation you introduce -- [laughter] supervisor campos, i think you know well what gifts you probably got from me. [laughter] the calendar may not say it, but it feels like outside it is still summer, so i will keep your gift inside this bag. [applause] >> thank you, a supervisor elsbernd. supervisor mar. supervisor mar: another one of supervisor campos' dirty secrets i'm going to reveal today is love of fast foods. there's also another one of your loves that is sort of here, but by surgically removed the toys from your -- [laughter] happy birthday. happy 40th. actually, i will say it is ironic that he has this love because of his fight for health equity and everything he does as a supervisor. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor chu. supervisor chu: i think one of the most well known fact is how much supervisor campos loves his diet coke,
an 18 month process. i know supervisors elsbernd and alioto-pier have been very concerned. this will be a value added for anyone who lives or works in the presidio. we have with us mr. jeff dice and mr. mike savage to talk about their support for these resolutions as they move forward to this body and the full board next week. i would also like to acknowledge recently retired deputy chiefs of the administration, so passionate he is here today to help present the item and answer any questions you might have. we are asking today for you to support and approve the contract and the accept and expend grant for the presidio trust and the national park service. the third one, which we can get into greater detail, is the fire department working with civil service is proud to bring over some of the federal firefighters. 12 will be h2 firefighters. three will be paramedics. basically, we will be able to provide fire and medical services in to the presidio. the contract will begin october 1 this year and run through september 30, 2020. i would like to ask the retired chief deputy to
francisco public safety board. i am david chu. i am joined by sean elsbernd and ross mirkarimi. do we have any announcements? >> [clerk announcements] supervisor chiu: please call item 1. >> hearing on san francisco's public safety conditions, including a discussion of citywide crime levels and crime levels by police district station and or neighborhood. supervisor chiu: we are joined by the san francisco police department for a presentation. >> good morning, supervisors, i am here to report on the extraction period from july 42009 to july 10, 2010. homicides are down. rate is down 56% -- rape is down from 15 to 7. robberies are up 1.6%. aggravated assaults are also down 10%, 298 to 267. property crimes in the area of burglary, down 23%. 43 burglaries in the last extraction period, this year, 12th. burberry that from the calls, 716 to 534. arsons are down a total of 33%. i also wanted to make a note the last time i was here, supervisor chu, you requested information on our homicide rate. i am pleased to announce that as of last friday, i spoke to our homicide lieutenant. he calculated the
? seconded by supervisor elsbernd. any discussion? supervisor. supervisor campos: campos thank you, mr. president. i thank all the members of the public and interested parties who have spoken and to the planning department for their presentation. i think this is a unique appeal and i think in a regular appeal for me, hearing directly from the impacted neighborhood has a great impact and is in many respects it determines the outcome. i think, though, that there is a different analysis that is involved here because we're talking about the impact that this business would have not only in the very small geographic neighborhood area, but i think in the larger vicinity and larger city. and i think that that analysis necessarily requires that we look at what other people outside the neighborhood, outside the specific geographic area that's impacted directly, what they're saying and while i appreciate the many people in this neighborhood have come out in support of this project, i think that a number of very legitimate concerns have been raised. let me say that this is not to take anything awa
-- anybody hired before january of 09, their collective bargaining negotiations. supervisor elsbernd: someone who is involved in both the drafting of propositions b and d, it is important that it be pointed out that what it did on retiree health only applied to all employees hired after january 1, 2009. but the pension side increase to the pension for all current employees. in the short term, prop b has cost tens of millions of dollars. will not see the cost savings until we have a full generation of new employees hired. we will not see cost savings for a couple of decades. in terms of termsd -- poposition d, that is only in terms of new hires. these are, frankly, baby steps. they're not going to do anything about the increased contribution that we will see the following year. the savings are really only substantive on a 20 or 30-year window. >> i can understand that, but i think that the question was, are we not doing anything towards some of the issues that the grand jury mentioned? i still think that proposition d and b were an attempt to be aware to do the best that we can. i don't think
aye. elsbernd aye. mar aye. maxwell aye. mirkarimi aye. alioto-pier aye. avalos absent. there are nine ayes. pardon me, supervisor avalos. there are 10 ayes. commissioner chiu: i know there's at least one proclamation at 3:30, and item 19, language is still being drafted. if it is not done by 3:30, i suggest we continue to another meeting, so it week recess for now and come back at 3:30 and hopefully move forward with our business expeditiously at that time. thank you. at this time, we commissioner chiu: welcome back to the board of supervisors meeting of september 21, 2010. we are here in part for our special order at 3:30. i will be presenting the commendation today to the blackrock arts foundation, and i'd like to ask of some of the representatives. the president of the board, executive director, the secretary of the board, the vice president of the board, and one of the need artists of the wonderful installation, which i will talk abou last week, i have the honor speaking at a presentation in the southeast corner of my district. the blackrock arts organization was the organization
a chair pro tem. supervisor elsbernd? supervisor elsbernd: i will nominate our former chair. supervisor dufty: commissioner david chiu is nominated. are there any other nominations? seeing no one, nominations are closed. madam clerk? >> [roll calroll call] the item passes. supervisor chiu: please call item no. 2. >> item #2, approval of the minutes of the july 2010 meeting. supervisor chiu: without objection, those meeting minutes are approved. public comment? is there any public comment on this item of the approval of minutes? seeing no one, public comment is closed. we should rescind that vote, motion to rescind. without objection, the prior motion is rescinded. now, could we take a motion to approve the minutes without objection? the meeting minutes are approved. item number three, please. >> the chairs report, information item. supervisor chiu: our chair is not here today, he will deliver the report at the next meeting. item #4. >> item #4 is executive director's report. >> -- supervisor chiu: mr. executive director. >> thank you. several things that i would like to comment on. bird
the district. supervisor elsbernd: that is different from what i understood. i thought that if we voted yes on the item, that would bring the necessary 30% for moving forward. you are telling me that public properties do not matter, that we need 30% of private property is? >> that is our goal as the steering committee. if we do not have private sector support for this combined with the city, it would not be able to be implemented properly. it would not be my recommendation to move forward exclusively with city support. supervisor avalos: i am trying to figure out why this is necessary. if we are looking out wanting to get a 30% threshold from the private sector, why not just do that? going forward to decide if we are going to pass the resolution if the intention is not to and that -- establish cbd. it seems like the right process to go through, seems consistent with what we just did at ocean avenue, giving the private sector a way to weigh in. i look at this as a foregone conclusion. legally 30% as a threshold, we could vote for it today, authorizing the city to sign on the petition. then w
of the board for discussion or motions. superxc-unpçó elsbernd: move to item 29 and table item 30. supervisor chiu: supervisor elsbernd has made a motion. seconded by supervisor alioto- pier. any additional discussion? with that, can we take a roll- call vote? >>5z chu aye daly aye know. dufty aye. mar aye. alioto-pier aye. avalos aye. campos aye. chiu. 9 ayes, one no. supervisor chiu: this motion is approved. madam clerk, please call item 31. >> item 31 was considered by the land use and economic development committee at a regular meeting ahead carried an ordinance amending the planning code. >> as we discussed last week, we passed the item back to land use, and yesterday, the committee met and decided we needed to move forward with the item we have in front of us because old state mary's is an important historic institution that is in desperate need of seismic funds and has some significant deadline's coming up such that we need to move the legislation quickly. that said, there have been some broader issues around the specific requirements for transferable development rights, and i want to
to the budget and finance committee. joined by my colleagues supervisor mirkarimi:, supervisor elsbernd. madam clerk, do we have any announcements? >> all persons attending this meeting are requested turn off all cell phones and pagers. if you wish to submit speaker cards, please place them in the container to your left. please submit extra copies of the bile. supervisor avalos: thank you, caller. please call our one item. >> . item number one, ordinance amending the san francisco administrative code, 106 through 106.28, to impose a wholesalers and certain other persons who distribute or sell francisco to: 1) recover a portion of san francisco's alcohol-attributable unreimbursed health costs, and; 2) fund administration costs. supervisor avalos: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, this is our second hearing on this item. last week i embedded amendments that we discussed that i will summarize the day. basically we had changed based on the economists' report that there is a higher level of consumption of alcohol in san francisco and alcoholic sales in san francisco, therefore the fee would not n
supervisor elsbernd. that is an example of where we have gotten ahead of other cities and we have been proactive about addressing benefits. one of the things i like to point out, and this report, the person reading it might give the impression that our retirement system is not doing well. to the contrary, it is one of the better funded and the best managed retirement systems in the country. i just want to put that out there as context while we walk through these responses. while we do have some challenges ahead of us, it is important to a knowledge that we are doing something very well and we're continuing to work on these issues. lastly, i think we have a lot to do on these issues, but i think there are a number of recommendations in this report that have either a factual legal, or feasibility issue associated with recommendations. we have some concerns about the wisdom and the city's ability to comply with those recommendations. supervisor chu: this is not so much a question for the mayor's office, i am more just wondering, the report that we had before that was pretty lengthy with a
of getting balanced. >> understood. supervisor elsbernd: to be cleared, this is a supplemental for last year? >> correct, this is retrospective. the chart i have handed out and dammed showing on the projected overhead and is basically the chart i have been showing you for the last year. last year we had 7000 cases for $8.8 million handle the the end of the fiscal year, 10,500 cases for almost $12.9 million, which creates a need for the supplemental. a 49% increase in cases and a 46% increase in costs. looking at it by type of case in more detail, last year we had 4700 record felonies for the fiscal year. this year we have -- for the year that just ended, 4800. this is a 30% increase in felonies-and a 120% increase in misdemeanors. felonies, by far, are the most expensive types of cases that we handle. supervisor elsbernd: the big increase in misdemeanors, is that tied to the cjc? >> some of it. most of it, however, are in regular trial departments. supervisor avalos: even this increase from 2008-2009 to 2009-2010, does it take into consideration the many cases were thrown out because of a cr
billion. who knows what is in store for us? commissioner mar: commissioner elsbernd. commissioner elsbernd: is it realistic that if the governor allows any change in the blf, they will keep the money for themselves? the bill will not allow us to do anything. >> correct. they would be using that to close the gap. whether they send that to the local government -- the net would be to the states benefit, not to local. . commissioner mar: thank you. >> thank you. commissioner mar: are there any other items? any other questions? seeing none, this is not an action item, but let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none, public, it is closed. next item. >> introduction of new items. this is an intermission commissioner mar: mar. seeing nonintermission item. item 10. adjournment. commissioner mar: thank you, everyone. the meeting is adjourned. >> good morning, everybody. this is the tuesday, july 13th meeting of the transportation committee finance. my name is eric mar. erica cheng is our clerk. please call item number 1. eclerk: approv
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 167 (some duplicates have been removed)